Sunday, 20 October 2013

VIDEO: How To Make Fire… Using Ice!

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Here’s one of the more unusual ways to make fire – explained with an actual demonstration!

It’s been known since ancient times that the power of sunlight, focused into a concentrated beam, can raise temperatures high enough to start fire. Various writers from ancient times mention vases filled with water or angled mirrors – and used burning lenses to light fires in temples. Excavations have found rock crystal lenses made by the Vikings, though the purpose of these is not certain.

The potential of the sun, when harnessed in this way, is immense: There is an old legend that Archimedes created a weapon that was used in 212 BC to burn Roman warships in a battle.

In modern times, the typical method of using the sun to start fire, known by all, is the use of a magnifying glass. Even a simple glass bottle, left in the dry brush, can start a fire – hence the warnings against it.

Ok, here’s the video – let us know what you think! :)


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