Thursday, 5 September 2013

Juice for Healthy Eyes

What you consume has a major effect on the health of your eyes. Poor eyesight and other eye issues can be restored by giving your body the proper nutrients. Eating a plant based diet that provides crucial vitamins, minerals and carotenoids is one of the main ways of maintaining and restoring eyesight.

This juice helps improve eyesight via the nutrients it delivers. It helps repair broken capillaries in the eye; lowers intra-ocular pressure; supports the liver which in turn helps repair the eye after a days worth of sunlight and other environmental toxins; speeds regeneration of rhodopsin (purple pigment used by rods in the eye); and nourishes the optic nerve. 

It also helps prevent against developing eye diseases like cataracts, myopia, and glaucoma, and helps relieve dry and puffy eyes, blurred vision, night blindness and broken blood vessels. Preventing eye disease and eye problems, is just as important as preventing other diseases in the body. Eating fresh, whole foods with high nutrient, vitamin and mineral content is one of the best ways of achieving this!

- 8 carrots
- 2 endives 
- 2 inches ginger
- 1/2 fennel bulb & greens (like if you were to cut fennel in half vertically)
- 2 apples of your choice
- 2 lemons

Juice for health & enjoy! Try to aim at drinking this once or twice a day. Remember, patience is a virtue. Your eyes will not repair themselves overnight, nor will they repair if you consume processed foods that hinder the healing of your eyes. Eat fresh, raw, whole foods, and juices (such as this one) that promote healing of the eyes! 

Source : Live Love Fruit

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