Wednesday, 11 September 2013

12 Foods That You Must Buy Organic

Some foods are grown in a way that exposes them to more toxic chemicals than others and some foods are notorious for being exceptionally filthy when you get them at the grocery store.  Here is a list of produce you should make sure you buy organic to avoid the toxins.  They may look healthy, but unless they are organic, they are contaminated:

Kale:  Though a super food, kale is usually heavily contaminated with pesticides.

Lettuce:  More than 50 different pesticides have been found on lettuce.

Potatoes :  More than 35 pesticides have been detected in tests conducted by the USDA.

Grapes:  Imported grapes can have over 30 chemical pesticides and raisins have high pesticide residue tests as well.

Spinach:  Has tested positive for a whopping 50 different chemical pesticides.  Frozen spinach usually has about the same amount.

Strawberries:  A regular on the dirty dozen list, unfortunately these delicious berries have been shown to have over 60 different pesticides on them though frozen strawberries have less.

Apples:  Over 40 chemicals have been found on apples.  Apple sauce and apple juice also contained pesticide residue.

Peaches:  We all love peaches, but not the 60 plus pesticides found on them.  Canned peaches have much less but it is best to go organic. 

Celery:  Tests on this crunchy enjoyable veggie turned up over 60 chemicals. 

Nectarines:  Overall, 33 different pesticides have been found on these, though domestic grown nectarines tend to be less contaminated then imported fruits.

Bell peppers:  Nearly 50 chemicals on these and every color variety of sweet bell peppers are contaminated.

Blueberries:  Pushing over 50 varieties of chemical residues, these berries should be bought from the organic section. 

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