Saturday, 14 September 2013

Amazing Health Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt

It may catch your eye just by the unusual color, but the difference is in the way you will feel once you switch out your regular processed table salt for this natural wonder!

-Digestion:  Himalayan pink salt can help with the absorption of vital nutrients through the walls of the intestines.  It is also thought to help reduce the chances of the forming kidney stones and gall bladder stones.

-Ph:  It is believed  that this pink crystal salt helps to maintain a healthy ph within cells of the body which in turns helps to prevent disease and normalize energy levels.

-Blood pressure:  It is believed that pink Himalayan crystal salt can help to maintain healthy blood pressure over regular table salt when mixed with water and taken.

-Aging:  Himalayan pink salt is believed to help slow the effects of aging.  Added to a natural face scrub, finer crystals can help to exfoliate, removing dead skin from the surface so healthier skin is revealed.

-Bone health:  This exotic looking salt actually contains over 80 minerals that are essential to health and bone building.

-Water retention:  Consuming this salt can help to naturally maintain water levels in the body lost throughout the day.

-Weight loss:  Pink Himalayan crystal salt is widely believed to help with losing excess fat.

-Muscles:  Muscle cramps can be treated or prevented naturally by taking this pink salt.

These are just a few of the possible health benefits of Himalayan pink crystal salt, others include heart health, healthy blood sugar levels, healthy libido, better sleep patterns, preventing rheumatism, preventing gout naturally, and sinus health.

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